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Here at ThinkTank Education, we are on a mission to change the way students learn the Year 11 Preliminary and Year 12 HSC syllabus. We want me make leading edge education available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

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Bringing traditional education into the
21st Century

Have you ever noticed that although we’ve had major technological advances in the last 10 years, teaching in high schools and tutoring centres have remained relatively the same?

Traditional forms have failed to adapt to the modern learning environment, making education nowadays outdated and inefficient and leaving many high school students distracted and directionless.

Think Tank Education is changing the way students prepare for the HSC through a combination of innovative technology and passionate teaching.



Think Tank’s Digital Learning Ecosystem

The Think Tank ecosystem is uniquely designed to cater for students with all different learning styles. By leveraging modern technology in a positive manner, we are helping students all across the state experience what education should be like in the 21st Century…

Our Crash Courses provide the most easy to follow explanations and lessons for every NESA syllabus dot point, to maximise study efficiency and guarantee understanding.

Our weekly Masterclass is a live 1hr session designed to apply and revise the knowledge you already know with interesting exam problems.

Our Question Bank contains the most unique, exam-style questions you can find, individually developed by our expert tutors and tailored to reflect the exact question types you will see in your upcoming exams.

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Our Courses

8 lessons per term (+ 2 lessons FREE)

$25 per week

Year 11 Chemistry Masterclass

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70 Lessons

$9 per week

11 Preliminary Crash Course

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84 Lessons

$9 per week

Year 12 HSC Crash Course

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8 lessons per term (+ 2 lessons FREE)

$29 per week

Year 12 HSC Masterclass

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Learn your way

Here's what you can expect from our ThinkTank Ecosystem.

  • Digital resources uniquely designed to suit all learning styles, available 24/7 to customise your learning experience around your busy school schedules.
  • Delivered by experienced tutors with over 7+ years experience who have taught classes, 1-on-1 and online to over 500 students in NSW.
  • Exclusive access to live masterclasses, in-person workshops and individualised help to supplement the core online learning platform.

Danny Deng

ATAR 99.95 | DUX of NSBHS (2015) | USYD Medicine

About Us

Meet the Founders

Danny started ThinkTank Education as a passion project to disrupt traditional education and make it more accessible to students across NSW.

Since high school, he recognised that education was never about the end goal of achieving a high ATAR but more about the process of learning. However, the traditional way of teaching in schools was outdated, making learning in these environments less enjoyable. It also becomes more difficult when you don’t have the resources available to you. That’s why he started ThinkTank Education- to challenge the status quo and prove that great education can and should be accessible by all.

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