Lesrn's Digital Platform

  • Clear

    All concepts are explained from scratch so students don’t need any assumed knowledge.

  • Concise

    Our online lessons are short, sweet and to the point, teaching you everything that you need to know for the exam and just little bit more!

  • Compelling

    All of our lessons come with booklets so you can follow along with the tutor. Just because it's online, doesn’t mean you can slack off!

Learn your way

Here's what you can expect from each of our online Preliminary and HSC courses.

  • Immediate access to all lesson videos, available 24/7 to customise your learning experience around your busy school schedules.

  • Delivered by experienced tutors with over 5+ years experience who have taught classes, 1-on-1 and online to over 500 students in NSW.

  • Exclusive access to online masterclasses, in-person workshops and individualised help to supplement the core online learning platform.

Meet the Founders

Danny and Rohan started ThinkTank Education as a passion project to make high quality education more accessible to students across NSW studying the HSC. As two friends from high school, they recognised that education for them was never about the end goal of achieving a high ATAR but more about the process of learning. However, they recognise that it is difficult to enjoy learning when you don’t have the resources available to you. That’s why they started ThinkTank - to challenge the status quo and prove that good education can and should be accessible by all.
Danny and Rohan (Founders)